OMuRAA (Online Museum Resources on Asian Art) is an initiative of the Asia for Educators Program at Columbia University. Partial support for the production of OMuRAA was provided by The Blakemore Foundation's Frances Blakemore Asian Art Grant.

OMuRAA's purpose is to make the wealth of visual materials now available on the websites of many museums and arts-related educational institutions better known to teachers and students of Asian studies by cataloguing them in "teacher-friendly" and "student-friendly" ways. With this aim OMuRAA identifies online visual resources -- including collections databases, digital image libraries, archived websites of special exhibitions, online presentations of focused collections, and websites for teaching with and about art -- and indexes them in ways that are familiar to teachers and students in world history, world literature, and general art courses.

OMuRAA is organized into three main sections:

The Museums section lists all museums and institutions with resources on OMuRAA in alphabetical order, and also lists museums and institutions with online collections of Asian art, organized by collection size or type. (Please note that the collection-size categorization in this section refers only to a museum's ONLINE collection of digitized images and does not reflect the size of a museum's physical Asian art collection.)

The Special Exhibitions and "Teaching Art" Units section highlights special exhibitions, focused collections, and teachings units on various topics. Resources in this section can be viewed under three categories:

  Art Subject Area
  Time Period

The resources found under each of these categories can also be filtered by one of three types:

  Special Exhibitions
  Teaching Art Units
  Met Museum Units

Special Exhibitions are generally online presentations of past museum exhibitions. "Teaching Art" Units will include content for teachers, such as lesson plans, teaching guides, timelines, maps, and background essays. MET MUSEUM UNITS are online resources from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) in New York, which is notable for having created a comprehensive online collection of resources on art from across the world. The MMA's Timeline of Art History and related Thematic Essays are especially valuable to students and teachers, and we have singled them out for this reason.

The Featured Topics section presents special exhibitions and teaching resources relevant to specific topics that will be of interest to teachers and students of Asian studies and world history. Currently featured topics include Art & Trade on the Silk Road, The Mongol Empire, and The Mandala, as well as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

We have attempted to include a broad and inclusive selection of the best online visual resources produced by museums and educational institutions. The vast number of existing resources and the speed with which new resources are being produced will mean, however, that on any specific visit to this website a visitor may find that we are missing several resources that he or she knows about. In such cases, we ask visitors to first check our "backlog" page to see whether that resource is about to be added to the database. If the resource in question is not there, please let us know at .

This email address has been encoded using Hivelogic’s Enkoder. If you are reading this text, it’s likely that you are using a web browser that does not support JavaScript, or you have JavaScript turned off. You can still contact us by typing the following address into your mail program: “afe” followed by the “at” symbol, followed by “columbia” dot “edu”.

Before submitting your suggestion, please note that our aim is not to produce a catalog of every museum or art-related institution with an Asian art collection, but to identify those museums and institutions that have created excellent visual resources for the "online visitor." Thus, there will be museums and institutions with excellent Asian art collections that are not on the OMuRAA website because their websites do not currently include visual resources.