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The Frick Collection: Chinese Porcelains
Featuring more than 250 objects from the museum's collection of Chinese porcelains, which "date from the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties and embrace a range of types including blue and white, famille verte, famille noire, and famille rose."

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Henan Museum: Collection
Selection of about 50 objects unearthed at various archaeological sites throughout Henan, including bronzeware, porcelain and earthenware vessels and figurines, stone and jade carvings, and other artifacts, including oracle bones. The range objects cover all the historical periods from the Shang to the Yuan.

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Hong Kong Museum of Art: Chinese Art & Antiquities Collection
Featuring more than 120 selected works from the Hong Kong Museum's collection, grouped into the following six categories: 1) Chinese Antiquities; 2) Chinese Fine Art; 3) Historical Pictures (featuring many works by Western artists in China); 4) Hong Kong Art (20th century); 5) Teaware and Seals; and 6) Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. These six categories all feature 20 representative objects with full descriptions. There is also a Collections Databank with thousands of objects organized by type.

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National Palace Museum: Selections from the Collection
Featuring nearly 200 selected works from the NPM's collection, grouped into the following eight categories: 1) Painting; 2) Calligraphy; 3) Rare Books; 4) Documents; 5) Ceramics; 6) Bronzes; 7) Jades; 8) Curios. All images have an excellent zoom tool showing an incredible amount of detail, as well as excellent descriptions.

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Norton Museum of Art: The Chinese Collection
Five selections from the Norton Museum's Chinese Art Collection.

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The Palace Museum: Collections
Featuring more then 500 objects from the Palace Museum's collection, organized into the following categories: Painting; Calligraphy; Stone Inscriptions; Bronzes; Seals; Textiles; Scholar's Studio; Furniture; Clocks and Watches; Enamel; Sculpture; Lacquer; Gold and Silver; Jade; Glass; Other Materials; and Palace Paraphernalia. All objects have excellent descriptions.

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Shanghai Museum: Collection
Featuring more than 60 selected works from the museum's collection, grouped into the following ten categories: 1) Paintings; 2) Calligraphy; 3) Ceramics; 4) Bronze; 5) Jade; 6) Seals; 7) Sculpture; 8) Coins; 9) Furniture; 10) Minority Nationalities' Art. Images are generally very small and do not enlarge, but all have short descriptions.

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University of Alberta Museums, The Mactaggart Art Collection
"The Mactaggart Art Collection includes over 600 textiles, costumes and related artifacts dating from the Song (960-1279), Ming (1314-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties. There are also many fine and rare examples of 17th and 18th century Chinese court costumes and silk fragments, as well as a world-class collection of Tibetan costumes. The painting collection includes works dating from the 13th century (Yuan Dynasty) to the 1980s and is comprised of hanging scrolls, hand scrolls, albums and engravings with particular strength in Qing court paintings. Notable among these is the Southern Inspection Tour Scroll from 1698, which documents the Kangxi Emperor's boat voyage of 1689 through southeast China."

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