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Chinese Printmaking Today: Woodblock Printing in China, 1980-2000
The British Library
Examples of contemporary Chinese printmaking. See especially LEARNING section (at top of page) for ideograms of contemporary Chinese artist Xu Bing. Teacher's Notes and Suggested Activities can also be found on this page.

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Enchanted Stories: Chinese Shadow Theater in Shaanxi
China Institute
Curriculum guide to a 2008 exhibition of "about ninety figures and stage settings (gates, towers, carriages, furniture, etc.) cut from leather and elaborately colored and decorated. ... In common with Chinese drama as a whole, shadow theater is closely linked to religion, ritual, and the daily life of the community. ... Enchanted Stories reflects this relationship between theater and religion through figures depicting the gods of Good Fortune, Wealth, and Longevity; officials of the heavenly hierarchy; Buddhist and Daoist luminaries; and images of hell and its functionaries engaged in the grisly business of punishing wrong-doers. "

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Graphic Arts (of 20th-Century China)
University of Washington, Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
"China's visual culture changed dramatically in the twentieth century with the great growth in advertising, posters, and other mass-produced means of using images to attract the attention of the populace." A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization was prepared by University of Washington history professor Patricia Buckley Ebrey. With questions for discussion, timelines, maps, and suggested readings. Select HOME to find link to teachers' guides for all topics featured on the website.

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Modern Period, 1912–present
Princeton University Art Museum
An overview of political and artistic developments in China from 1912 to the present. With a map and four representative objects, all with lengthy descriptions.

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