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Guide to Sources Relating to China in the India Office Records
The British Library
This guide to sources at the British Library provides excellent general background about British trade with China and British activities in Chinese Turkestan and Tibet. With images throughout.

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The Tibet Album: British Photography in Central Tibet, 1920-1950
Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford
"The Tibet Album presents more than 6,000 photographs spanning 30 years of Tibet's history. These extraordinary photographs are a unique record of people long gone and places changed beyond all recognition. They also document the ways that British visitors encountered Tibet and Tibetans. Featuring photographs taken by Charles Bell, Arthur Hopkinson, Evan Nepean, Hugh Richardson, Frederick Spencer Chapman, Harry Staunton and the previously unidentified photographs of Rabden Lepcha."

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Timeline of Art History: South Asia and the Himalayan Region, 1900 A.D.–present
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
"India struggles for independence from colonial British rule through the early twentieth century, finally gaining its freedom in 1947. At this time, it is decided that a separate Muslim nation will be formed in the areas with the greatest Muslim populations." With a period overview, list of key events, and 7 related artworks. Also has links to an abridged list of Islamic rulers and timelines of Central and North Asia, China, and Southeast Asia during this time.

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