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Monks and Merchants: Silk Road Treasures from Northwest China, Gansu and Ningxia, 4th-7th Century
Asia Society
Features more than 35 objects organized into the following topics: 1) Heavenly Horses; 2) Nomadic Rulers; 3) Buddhism and China; 4) Buddhist Cave Temples; 5) Bodhisattvas; 6) Monks; 7) Merchants and Currencies; 8) The Tang Dynasty. Each topic has overview text, and each object is accompanied by short descriptive text. An additional topic on the Silk Road itself gives extensive background information on the geographical, historical, religious, and cultural context of the Silk Road.

Go to Museum Resource: http://sites.asiasociety.org/arts/monksandmerchants/index.html
Museum Collections of Silk Road Art
University of Washington, Simpson Center for the Humanities
"[A]nnotated descriptions of and links to the websites of major art museums exhibiting objects of interest for the study of the Silk Road" from the University of Washington's Silk Road Seattle, "an ongoing public education project using the 'Silk Road' theme to explore cultural interaction across Eurasia from the beginning of the Common Era (A. D.) to the Seventeenth Century."

Go to Museum Resource: http://depts.washington.edu/silkroad/museums/srmuseums.html
Playing with Shadows: An Introduction to Shadow Puppetry
The Kennedy Center, ArtsEdge
"Discover the secrets behind the art of shadow puppetry in this multimedia exploration, designed for grades 5-8, which explores this age-old art form through animations, videos, interactive activities, and more." With questions for discussion and two related lesson plans (see left-hand column): "Puppets on the Move: China and the Silk Road" and "Shadows & Light, Science & Puppetry."

Go to Museum Resource: http://artsedge.kennedy-center.org/content/3879/
Silk Road Encounters Education Kit
The Silk Road Project
"As a symbol of the crossroads between civilizations, peoples, and cultures, the Silk Roads offer rich materials for students to explore diverse but inter-related topics on geography, trade, art, music, religion, and history." Download the TEACHERS GUIDE and SOURCEBOOK, both in .pdf format, under Resources at the far right. The TEACHERS GUIDE includes 6 model lesson plans that "bring together activities that reinforce students' basic knowledge of the Silk Road with concepts on the diversity of exchanges in the arts, belief systems and ideas." The SOURCEBOOK "provides the background material you need to familiarize yourself with the Silk Roads as you plan your activities on this theme."

Go to Museum Resource: http://www.silkroadproject.org/Education/Resources/emSilkRoadEncountersem/tabid...
Traveling the Silk Road: Educator's Guide
American Museum of Natural History
Online educator's guide to the 2010 exhibition at the AMNH that takes visitors "along the world's oldest international highway, on a voyage that spans six centuries (AD 600 to 1200). (The exhibition) showcases four representative cities: Xi'an, China's Tang Dynasty capital; Turfan, a bustling oasis; Samarkand, home of prosperous merchants; and Baghdad, a meeting place for scholars, scientists, and philosophers." Featuring activities for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12, standards correlations, map, glossary, and more.

Go to Museum Resource: http://www.amnh.org/education/resources/rfl/web/silkroadguide/
Traveling the Silk Road: My Journey on the Silk Road
American Museum of Natural History
An online "travel journal" to introduce visitors to the 2010 AMNH exhibition on the Silk Road. With an interactive map and "stops" in Baghdad, Samarkand, Turfan, and Xi'an. The section on Xi'an covers silk-making and music of the Tang-dynasty era.

Go to Museum Resource: http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/silkroad/journey.php
Treasures Along the Silk Roads
Asia Society
Lesson plan in which students generate word maps that act as creative writing prompts, using images of art objects from the Silk Roads.

Go to Museum Resource: http://asiasociety.org/education-learning/resources-schools/secondary-lesson-pl...
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