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Asian Odyssey Lesson Plans: Daoism and Confucianism
The Cleveland Museum of Art
28 lesson plans related to Daoism and Confucianism. Lesson plans are in .pdf format, and all use images from the Cleveland Museum's collection of Asian art.

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Exploring Japan: An Interactive Learning Experience
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
"Exploring Japan for grade six students offers students an opportunity for self-directed learning: three 'Learning Objects' may be investigated through a variety of delivery systems including maps, imagery, video clips and didactic material." The following topics are covered under each "Learning Object": 1) Samurai -- Arms and Armour; 47 Ronin; Bushido; Noh Theatre; 2) Meiji -- Geography; Technology; The Emperor; Lifestyles; 3) Spirituality -- Haniwa; Shinto; Buddhism; Confucianism. See the "Information for Teachers" section for a full list of learning objectives for each section.

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