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Victoria and Albert Museum
"The Asian Collections at the V&A contain a treasury of objects from the Panjab, the homeland of the Sikhs. The wealth of cultural and artistic achievements from this part of the Indian sub-continent is evidenced by subtle prints and paintings, intricate wood carving and embroidery, and beautiful works in metal and tile." This collection of special features about Sikhism provides a brief overview of the Sikh faith, an illustrated survey of Sikh art and history; and an introduction to Sikh objects in the V&A's collections. Also a special section with SIKH COMMUNITY VIEWS ON OBJECTS IN THE COLLECTION, and a community feature where visitors can write a short story inspired by one of three images from the Panjab. See also: Articles on Sikhism.

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Sikh Community: Over 100 Years in the Pacific Northwest
The Wing Luke Asian Museum
"Although Sikhs have been living in the United States and Canada for over a century, the general public understands little about the Sikh faith and the community's long-standing roots in the Pacific Northwest. The first Sikh immigrants arrived in this region in the late 1800s, working in lumber mills and constructing railroads." Five topics, with many images: 1) Sikhism (history); 2) Life in the Pacific Northwest; 3) Distinguished Community Leaders; 4) Mis-Identity; 5) Being Sikh in a Western World.

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