General Resources

Art History Resources on the Web
Sweet Briar College |
With links to resources on Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Southeast Asian art, plus art from other world areas. Compiled by Sweet Briar College art history professor Christopher Witcombe.

Art Info: Asia
Universes in Universe |
An excellent index of online art resources, organized by country.

Japan Resources

artscape International
Dai Nippon Printing Co. |
"artscape International is a monthly English web magazine for readers both inside and outside Japan, but especially overseas, with an interest in Japan's art scene and artists. With one of Japan's most comprehensive art databases, artscape compiles up-to- date information about art events throughout Japan, presenting reviews of exhibitions and articles about art trends and artists."

Bridge to Japan
Japan Library Group |
"Bridge to Japan is maintained in the U.K. by the Japan Library Group, with the aim of facilitating access to Web-based sources of information about Japan." See especially "museums" and "arts & culture" sections.

Japanese Garden Database
"The Japanese Garden Database is intended as a repository of information on the historical and contemporary gardens of Japan as well as the gardens located outside Japan that have been inspired by the culture."

Korea Resources

Museums of Korea
Korean Cultural Heritage Administration |
Lists national, public, private, and university museums in Korea. Also see sections on Korea's World Heritage sites and national treasures.

Tibet/Himalaya Resources

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art

Tibet House